Plastic Pollution and Zero Waste

A picture from “The Nation” stating that Pakistan is among top countries that dump plastic in River
  • Refuse the plastic as much as you can. Try to use alternate products. Buy as much as less plastic products.
  • Reduce the plastic usage. Try to shift at alternates.
  • Reuse the used product as much as you can. Involve your creativity in it and try to make a useful product from waste.
  • Recycle the waste left. Give it to recycling industries so they can recycle them so it can be reused again.
  • Rot, compost the remaining waste so it can be biologically degraded.
An overview of “zero waste” lifestyle
  • Raising awareness and then applying in our own home.
  • Third step can be implementing it in society.
  • Awareness campaigns can be carried out at schools and educational institutes.
  • Exhibitions or Festival can be organized where students are asked to present their zero waste ideas and also products made from plastics, as a way to promote “reuse”.
  • Different baskets can be provide to houses so they can put waste plastic there which can not reused so it can be sorted out for “recycling” and “composting”.




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Maham Rashid

Maham Rashid

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